Tuesday, August 28, 2007

24 Weeks Belly Pic

24 Weeks! I've hit the 6 months mark! Whoo hoo!!!! It's not the most attractive pic :) My belly has really been growing a lot lately! It's crazy!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Natal Stuff...

So yesterday we had our second "antenatal class"... or otherwise known as PREnatal classes :) Emily & I were at class early yesterday, so we took a pic of us inside the class... it's not a good pic, but you can see the mats and stuff we do our exercises on :) Emily & I are pretending to do breathing exercises ;) (well, Emily is - I"m just smiling...) :)The classes have been really fun :) There are about 10 couples in the class, so it's pretty fun! The first class was funny though because they spent the first 30 minutes telling us HOW we got pregnant - haha! I guess they don't teach that in the schools here... This last class was on labor, c-sections and all that stuff... it kinda freaked me out :) but it was fun :)

We DO have a washing machine - thank goodness (we spend a month in the mountains for language washing our own clothes and became very thankful for our washing machine)... It's a cute washing machine and it's in our kitchen... maybe I should blog about that one day....
ANYWAY... one thing we don't have is a dryer... they just don't make them here... I've heard rumors that there have been sightings of them down south of our country... but I've never seen one myself...
It's no big deal though... I'm not complaining... we have very dry heat over here, and things dry pretty fast... you can do a load in the evening and it's usually dry by morning (unless it's monsoon season).... or you can do it in the morning and it's dry by the afternoon :)
BUT... what do you do when you have a baby and TONS of little tiny clothes to dry??? Seriously, they have thought of everything... we had seen these before but never had any need to buy them... Until NOW... Check it out!
It's a little plastic hanging thingy with 36 clips on it! NICE!! We really don't have a good place to put it yet, but it works great!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Embarrassing Post (23 weeks)

OK, here is the disclaimer for this post - this post will be embarrassing... I wasn't going to post this picture or the video... but b/c of the encouragement of some friends, I'm going to post these...
First of all, yesterday I was sitting on the bed and typing on my laptop and Adam came and took a pic of me... my belly really looks funny! And yes, I'm wearing a lot of pink! Mona, my old landlord/friend in M-town gave me a bunch of her suits that were too big for her so that I would have something to wear.... so that's where it came from...

OK, so last night we had some people over for our weekly f'ship time... afterwards we broke out DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)... After everyone left, I decided I'd try to play (I haven't played since being pregnant...)... it was pretty funny... I kept having to hold up my pants (this belly, and drawstring pants make it kinda difficult to keep them up) :) and I couldn't really do the jumping thing... so it was funny... and of course, Adam videoed it... (I think I look like Humpty Dumpty in this video... man i can't believe I'm posting this.... so for your personal enjoyment....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Shopping

So baby shopping here in our area of South Asia is VERY different than in America :) In America you can go into Wal-Mart and get all the things you need while leisurely perusing the aisles with your buggy... Here... there aren't very many baby stores, and most stores are in the typical South Asian Style - a Teeny Tiny store that is CRAM PACKED with pretty much anything you would need... You don't always have as many options of variety as you do at Wal-Mart (or a fancier baby store).... but you can get what you need....

So this past week, Emily and I decided we needed to get some of the baby things we needed before we got into our 3rd Trimester and go too tired... so we went shopping! The particular store we went to was called "Wieners" (pronounced - Weeners)... It really only had room to fit a couple of people. When we got there, there were some people in there, so we decided to wait outside until they were done... When we got inside, we started "shopping".... To shop here, you really have to know what you want... We came in with our lists and started asking questions... "Do you have....?" or "What is that? Can I see that?".... (you can see me demonstraing below). One guy (usually the older man that works there... a father or grandfather) sits at the register, while his son or his gopher gets all the things down and displays the items for you...We had been standing for a while and I started to get a little sicky feeling, so the son gave me his stool to sit on... it's pretty fun to sit and shop!
Emily and I bought a bunch of stuff :) (although Emily got about twice as much stuff as I did :))... just little things like socks, cloth diapers (which I may or may not use... but it's always nice to have a backup), a little hat, a changing mat... you know, little things you need - which I totally didn't realize all the little things you need!!!
(In the pic below you can see the man at the cash register) :)
OK, so in the pic below I'm holding both mine AND Emily's stuff... I thought I'd try to hide my shirt (the same one I end up wearing every time I have my pic made - haha!!)

Jellybean is coming!! Whoo hoo!! I've been getting kicked a lot lately - it's fun! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

22 Weeks Belly Pic!

Well, I'm almost 23 weeks, but I haven't posted 22 weeks yet, so here it is!!! (And for those of you that can't tell from this picture... it's Henna/Mehndi on my hand, not some new skin disease :))
So, I don't have that many clothes that I can wear right now... so I definitely repeat do quite a bit of outfit repeating... Anyway, I was noticing that I'm wearing the same outfit I was wearing at 18 weeks.... so I put them side to side so you could do some comparision... :) 18 weeks and 22 weeks :)Belly Pics crack me up! Hahaha! I never thought I'd put regular pictures of my belly up online - haha! They say that having kids changes you... I guess this is one of those things - haha!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Our good friend in M-town's mom & sister sent us a package for Jellybean the other day!! It was such a fun surprise :) They sent us a cute fuzzy toy, a cute outfit with a camel on it, and the fuzziest blanket I've ever felt - WITH Jellybean's name on it :) Too cute!!! They also gave us the coolest book! It's called "what do you do?"... it goes through and asks that question to a bunch of different animals (it askes the cow and he says he gives milk, it asks the bee and he says he makes honey).... but at the end, they ask the beetle - "What do you do?"... and he says... are you ready.... I ROCK! - I think that's going to be Jellybean's favorite book :) haha! :) THanks guys!! You guys ROCK!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jellybean FAQ

So I've had a lot of questions lately about the baby, so I thought I'd answer them here (or try to anyway :))

We're having the baby right here in the city that we live in! We're lucky to live in a city that has good medical care, so we will be able to continue working up until the baby is born, and be able to work again soon after that (instead of having to travel far away and be out of station for 3+ months) :)
The hospital that we're having the baby at is great! It's only about a year and a half old, so everything is new! It is calld the "Max Super Speciality Hospital"... not specialty.... but Speciality (spe-she-al-la-tee).... so that's pretty fun :)
Here's a picture of the hospital:

Yes, of course!

Who knows? :) haha!! In our country, it is actually illegal to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl because of the high rate of female infanticide. The sign below is right outside of the ultrasound room where I have my ultrasounds:
We will be going back to Bangkok, Thailand in September, and we COULD find out there if Jellybean is a boy or a girl (if Jellybean was cooperative)... but we've decided to wait :) There are many reasons we decided to wait... but the main reason is... we just think it would be fun to wait :).... It will give me a little extra motivation during labor... and it would be fun to hear.... IT'S A.....
So.... it looks like we'll find out in December :)


Sometime in mid-December... My due dates are either the 13th, 15th or 16th.... I'm hoping for around a week early :) haha!


We have NO idea! haha! We've thrown around names... and we thought we had a boy name for a while... but now we're not sure.... We might use a Hindi name, and we might not... haha! We keep changing our minds :) So yeah, nothing definite on that... So, it looks like that's another of the mysteries that will be solved in December... :)

Here are some Hindi Girl names (and meanings) that I've seen lately:
Trilochana - Three Eyed
Yogita - One who can concentrate
Should we pick one of those?

Hahaha! OK... so if you have any other questions - just ask :) You guys ROCK!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Preg Photo Shoot :)

Emily and I were together tonight, so we thought we should take a belly pic together :) I'm 21 weeks and she's 22.5 (I had to make sure I put in that .5 - she earned it :))
So I asked Adam to take the picture and he got a little camera happy :) He just kept taking pics!
He got some not-so-flattering shots of me :) haha!
So I thought it would be funny to post pics of our "photo-shoot"... although Emily may kill me for posting some of these - haha!